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Oscar’s practice is wholeheartedly and passionately making informed. With a designer maker background, he brings hands on, practical, and material based principles into every area of his work. Oscar’s practise maintains a focus on the relationships that we as individuals, and as a society have with objects and with each other. He is particularly interested the relationship between traditional craft and contemporary digital fabrication, and the role of technology within contemporary craft. 


Oscar believes that as designers, we have to ensure that what we make/design positively contributes to the world in some form, with the added responsibility of ensuring sustainable thinking, and positive social change - an ethos he unreservedly hold in his work. 

Oscar is also one of Directors of Precious Plastic Plymouth and Tavistock CIC, a Plymouth based artisan recycling community interest company. More information can be found about them here:


Key Events:

December 2022: Graduated Distinction in MA: Design (Maker and Materials)

October 2022: MA: Design Exhibition at the University of Plymouth

March 2022: Design-Nation Awards Exhibition 

March 2022: Design-Nation Awards Exhibition 

October 2021: Started MA: Design University of Plymouth

September 2021: Winner of  Design Nation Sustainability Innovator Award

September 2021: Winner of  CSD CEP Prize for Designer Maker at Plymouth

September 2021: Graduated, 3D Design: Designer Maker, 1st Class with Honours 

Aughust 2021: Created Awards for Green Grads 2021

July 2021: Doncaster Art Fair: Mental Health Exhibition

June - September 2021: Devon Guild of Craftsmen: Making It Exhibition

March 2020: Awarded Santander Scholarship to study traditional Kintsugi practises

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